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This 30 minute free session sets a foundation for our work together.

I want you to feel comfortable this is the right choice for and

if working together is a good fit for both of us.

Some questions to think about:

  • For what concern or issue are you contacting me?

  • What are you struggling with most?

  • What's been the most frustrating for you?

  • What is your desired outcome?

  • What may prevent you from being successful in achieving your desired outcome?

To finish up, we Determine the Best Package for You.

Let's Face it - Most people first ask “What is the cost?”

More important than money, I believe you deserve to know what’s in the packages.


Packages are specific, and can guide you to understand what is ahead. In the Discovery Consultation, we will identify the answers to “What is the Problem” and “What is your desired Outcome?” That way we are on a defined path, and a package designed for you. We will meet weekly. The end result is for you to align with your intended outcome.


Packages should also have a specific focus related to your alcohol / drug recovery and wellness , so we are not wandering all around your life story.

Focal points associated with (alcohol/drug) Recovery may include:

  • Stress Relief

  • Dealing with Fear

  • Change in your mood - Anxiety or Depression

  • Improving Self-Care

  • Relief from Present Day Stressful Times

  • Improving my Relationships



All packages include the basics:    


  • What’s the Struggle (symptoms/stressors)

  • Emotions: Energy in Motion

  • Challenging Limiting Beliefs

  • Connecting to Events

  • Supporting Your Desired Outcome

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