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Emotional Freedom Techniques for You and Me

Diane Sherman, certified EFT Master

I provide Emotional Freedom Technique “tapping”
for persons in recovery from alcohol/drugs,
to quiet the mind and to strengthen
quality wellness and recovery.

Answers don't come in stress and survival, but in shifting to calm.

EFT Benefits

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“I’m no longer taking anxiety medications.”


 “It’s another tool that helps me get unstuck. The longer I practice it the faster I get unstuck.”


“You have helped me become a

stronger person”


Diane Sherman

Certified EFT Master Practitioner

A few years ago I experienced a very traumatic event. This car accident and the outcome was the one thing that I thought would never happen to me. But it did. The events and results were extremely traumatic. I thought I was not going to make it through.

My life’s work is as a recovery coach and addiction professional. So I knew what to do - Right?!?

Immediately after the accident, I took all the necessary steps – I went to counseling, saw a psychiatrist, got on medications. And after a year, it seemed like things were finally getting back to normal.

Then one day, a year later, I went to lunch with a colleague – an EFT Master practitioner. In the middle of lunch, she asked me how I was doing since the accident. And I broke down in tears right in the middle of the restaurant. People were staring at me; the servers were avoiding our table. I was ashamed that even after all the work I had done, here I was again after one year, breaking down. The accident had come rushing right back into my memory and right into the middle of lunch I was back at the scene.


When you change your perspective you change your outcome.

It was time to do some more work. Instead of going back to traditional therapy, I worked with her using EFT. If it were not for her, I would not have gotten through the deeper layers that kept me stuck; that I kept shut off in a place that I did not want to acknowledge or talk about. Eventually the sting and the memories cleared out.

I was finally released from the guilt about the accident. I was finally released from the emotional reaction that came even just thinking about the accident. I was finally free to talk about it without guilt, shame or self-blame.

Since then I have studied to get my credential. 

I earned my Master EFT Practitioner credential at

The Center for EFT Studies.

Many clients have invited me to support and strengthen their recovery and wellness.​



It saved my life. And I know it can help you too,

no matter what emotional ups or downs you are experiencing in your recovery from alcohol or other drugs.

EFT For You and Me is here to support you.

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